No need to pay for costly deliveries or lug a bunch of heavy gear with you, unless you want to!

TheLightFull Studio hire prices include the use of lighting and all other gear!

Complimentary equipment includes:

1 PIXAPRO Storm II 600 High-Speed flash head
4 Bowens Gemini 500R flash heads
PIXAPRO ST-III 2.4GH High-Speed trigger
7 Softboxes
3 Umbrella sets (each one in white and silver)
2 Light reflectors (white, silver, black, gold, translucent) 110 cm (43 in)
3 Maxi-Lite reflectors (simulate sunlight)
Reflector arm holder
2 PIXAPRO reflector grip clamps
PhotoSEL FRN30 snoot with removable 30-degree honeycomb
PIXAPRO beauty dish 70 cm
Bowens S type mount beauty dish 40 cm
10 Stands including:
6 Neewer photography professional heavy duty tripod dolly with rubber wheels and adjustable leg mounts
2 Photography 160 LED studio lighting kits
Coloramas 2.72 m (9 ft)
2 PIXARO 2×2.3 m (6.5×7.5 ft) black/white collapsible studio backgrounds
Many scene backgrounds
Adjustable background stand system (3 m / 10 ft wide)
Clamps for backgrounds

Additional equipment availabile for hire:

PIXAPRO Professional Studio wind machine - £10 per day
Smoke machine 400W - £10 per refill (200ml, should last whole day)
Smoke machine with RGB lights and remote controller 500W - £10 per refill (200ml, should last the whole day)
(hire two smoke machines at the same time and get refills for both for £15 only)
Neewer Dimmable Bi-color LED Light, white balance from tungsten 3200K to daylight 5600K, U-mount bracket, stands - single: £15 per day, set of 3: £25 per day
Red Head Light 800W Continuous Video lighting, stands - single: £10 per day, set of 3: £12 per day
Photo LED Light Studio Box 60cm×60cm (24"×24"), 5500K, with 4 backdrops (Blue / White / Black / Peach) - £15 per day