To make sure you get the most of your photography sessions in the TheLightFull Studio and with your comfort in mind, the booking hours are exceptionally flexible. All that matters is that you are able to focus on taking delightful photos in the time most convenient for you.

Studio hire prices (which include the use of lighting and all other equipment in the studio) are as follows:

Week days Weekend
1h £60 £70
2h £90 £100
3h £110 £130
4h £130 £150
5h £150 £170
6h £170 £190
7h £190 £210
8h £210 £230
9h £230 £250
10h £250 £270
11h £270 £290
12h £290 £310
Overtime charge £40 per hour £50 per hour

Additional equipment available for hire:

PIXAPRO Professional Studio wind machine - £10 per day
Smoke machine 400W - £10 per refill (200ml, should last whole day)
Smoke machine with RGB lights and remote controller 500W - £10 per refill (200ml, should last the whole day)
(hire two smoke machines at the same time and get refills for both for £15 only)
Photo LED Light Studio Box 60cm×60cm (24"×24"), 5500K, with 4 backdrops (Blue / White / Black / Peach) - £15 per day


A returnable £100 (cash) security deposit is required and collected at the beginning of the session.

Extra 5% per each additional person applies if your party is larger than 6 people.

For groups larger than 12 people extra arrangements are necessary.

The use of paper backgrounds is free unless any damage, for example, smudging, stains, tears, occurs. In situations like these, extra charge of £15 per meter apply.