Terms and Conditions

TheLightFull Ltd hires its facilities, including the studio equipment, located at 45 Hurst Road, DA15 9AE Sidcup, Greater London with the understanding that in no event shall TheLightFull Ltd be held liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damage due to the use of this facilities or equipment by the Hirer. The Hirer hereby waives TheLightFull Ltd from being responsible for any incidents or accidents which may occur to or caused by the Hirer or persons associated with the Hirer.

(TheLightFull Ltd highly recommends a photo or video session insurance since once the contract is signed, TheLightFull Ltd is relieved of all responsibility for unforeseen circumstances, i.e. fire, mechanical building breakdown etc.)

The studio hire does not create an affiliation or partnership between the Hirer and TheLightFull Ltd, and TheLightFull Ltd takes no responsibility for and does not endorse the content of activities which the Hirer carry out in its studio.

The studio cannot be used for illegal or pornographic purposes.

Booking and fees

TheLightFull Ltd doesn’t take bookings over the phone. All reservations must be made via email or through booking form on the studio website. The submission of the booking form or a reservation enquiry made by email doesn’t mean that the booking has been automatically confirmed.

The session will be guaranteed when TheLightFull Ltd receives the enquiry form, confirms the slot is available, and the 50% of the hire price deposit (which will be counted towards the final balance) is paid.

The detailed list of TheLightFull Ltd fees is available on its website: https://studio.thelightfull.com/Prices

A returnable £100 (cash) security deposit is required and collected at the beginning of the session.

Extra 5% for each additional person applies if the party is larger than 6 people (7-12), if not otherwise agreed.

For groups larger than 12 people extra arrangements are necessary.

The use of paper backgrounds is free unless any damage, for example, smudging, stains, tears, occurs. In situations like these, extra charge of £15 per meter apply.

Payment methods

The payments can be made by bank transfer, PayPal or cash.

Payment date

The deposit should be paid in full not later than 3 days after the Hirer reserved their time slot and their session time is confirmed. Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled.

The deposit has to be paid on the booking day if the Hirer is booking the studio in less than 10 days in advance.

Full payment must be cleared on the session day before the studio use, without exception. TheLightFull Ltd reserves the right to cancel any booking where full payment is not received before the session.

Cancellation policy

If the Hirer cancels the session 14 days in advance, the deposit will be given back. .If the Hirer cancels the session less than 14 days in advance, the deposit won’t be returned.

In the highly unlikely and exceptional case that TheLightFull Ltd cancels the booking, the full refund of the deposit will be made or, if that’s what the Hirer prefers, the session will be rescheduled. TheLightFull Ltd doesn’t take responsibility for consequential loss, therefore, does not provide compensation.

In the situation that the session needs to be cancelled for reasons neither the Hirer nor TheLightFull Ltd is responsible for, a full deposit refund or rescheduled session will be offered.

Rescheduling Policy

To avoid losing your deposit, rescheduling needs to be made more than 7 days in advance.

Hirer responsibilities

  1. The Hirer agrees that if any equipment, furniture, fixtures etc. are mishandled, broken, ruined or stolen while the hirers are using the studio, they will replace the items or pay repair/replacement costs within 48 hours.
  2. No more than 6 people can be in the studio at the same time unless there is a different agreement with the studio owner. For parties larger than 6 people extra fees apply.
  3. The Hirer takes full responsibility for the studio, equipment, furniture, fixtures etc. and should never leave the studio unattended during entire hire period unless it’s agreed with the studio owner.
  4. The Hirer is responsible for informing the studio owner about anything unusual in the condition of the studio and the studio equipment the Hirer is using before commencing the session.
  5. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the studio.
  6. No marks can be made on the studio floor (no gaffer tapes, duck tapes, paint, markers etc.) Depending on the damage, a charge for fixing/cleaning the floor will apply.
  7. All lights are to be turned off when not in use.
  8. The studio is not soundproofed and located in a suburban area, the noise should be kept by the Hirer at a sensible level.
  9. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring the session is run in line with current health and safety legislation. TheLightFull Ltd takes no responsibility for the health and safety of the Hirer and other participants of the session.
  10. If the session involves participants who are under the age of 18 or classed as vulnerable adults the Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the relevant DBS checks have been obtained.
  11. The studio hirers are only allowed to mention TheLightFull Ltd in their advertising as the venue where their activity is taking place and must not use the words “TheLightFull Studio” in the title of their event.
  12. The studio will be left clean and neat by the Hirer. Minimum £30 charge for cleaning service will be charged otherwise.
  13. The studio will be vacated on time specified in this contract. Shall delays occur, overtime charges will apply (£40 per hour during a week, £50 per hour during a weekend)
  14. Items left at the studio for more than 7 days will be assumed abandoned and may be discarded.
  15. TheLightFull Ltd is not liable for and cannot cover a loss of the Hirer personal property.
  16. Overtime/extra hours can be booked only if they are not in collision with any other bookings

TheLightFull Ltd reserves the right to terminate the sessions immediately if any terms of this contract have been violated (CCTV is in operation at all times).